Starting in the Fall of 2014

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  • Shout out to all the embedded developers around the world! 

    What's the Challenge?

    To start with, we’ll have a weekend challenge. You’ll be given a problem statement on Friday midnight. You’ll have 48 hours to solve it (by Sunday midnight) and submit the solution. Your solutions will shared publicly with the entire world, and people get to choose the winner!

    But what's the Challenge about?

    You could be challenged on anything related to embedded systems, control and automation. You could be asked to design an intelligent navigator robot, or may be asked to program the brain of microprocessor, or you may get a chance to build a small internet of your things over the weekend! The problems asked will be platform independent, and you’ll be free to choose your favorite parts, editor, IDE, processor, etc.

    Are you crazy? How do you plan on doing it?

    No, we’re not crazy! The theme of the challenge and supplemental materials will be released to the participants beforehand. You’ll have exactly 48 hours to solve and submit your solution from whenever you log in over the weekend. If the challenge requires you to make something, you’ll be asked to upload a short video demonstrating your solution.

    Oh BTW, did we mention that this is a free event?

    But what about me?

    Yes, we haven’t forgotten about you! If you’re among the top contestants, you and your project will be featured on maxEmbedded, and it will be shared with our partners! You’ll also receive several benefits from maxEmbedded and it’s partners. More on this later!

    Sounds good, challenge accepted!

    Yay! We knew that you are one of those who like to be challenged! Please fill in your email ID below to register, and we’ll keep you tuned! And FYI, the challenge begins in the Fall of 2014.

    Well... I'll think about it!

    Sure, take your time! We’re sure you’re gonna love it. Meanwhile you can register your email ID below so that we can keep you updated. The challenge doesn’t start until the start of Fall of 2014. You can bail out anytime you want, and we won't feel bad at all (promise!)

    But I have questions / feedback / suggestions?!

    Great! We’d love to hear from you. Please direct any questions to, and we’ll be glad to talk to you about it!

    See you around! Thanks!